Oven-Baked Rosemary and Garlic Fries

Rosemary Fries

I love rosemary, garlic, and potatoes. Put them all together creates a mind-blowing experience.    Sharing means caring!

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King discusses Nutrition

king nutrition

Legendary Journalist Larry King interviews Dr. Colin Campbell, Dr. Loren Cordain,& Chef Cat Cora. It is a very intriguing discussion. Check it out… Think about it… Larry King Now – Nutrition & the Politics of Food     Sharing means caring!

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Out of this World Watercress Salad with Balsamic Vinigerette

watercress salad

Watercress is a very nutritionally dense foods you can find in the grocery store.  It is a super food that has been consumed by humans for thousands of years.  Watercress has antioxidants and phytochemicals nutrients that cannot be duplicated in a factory.  Watercress is high in Iron, Folic acid, Calcium,  iodine, and has over 50% […]

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Welcome to Vegan Yummies!!


Welcome to the new Vegan Yummies.Where you will be able to find all things yummy… and vegan 🙂   Stay Tuned!!! Sharing means caring!

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